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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dumbing Down of America

For decades communist and socialist teachers have been infiltrating our schools, from elementary all the way through college turning America around, how? Dumbing down and brainwashing our children. Guess how old some of these children are now, fifties. Pretty scary isn't it. I remember in school I had some of this crap, it didn't go well with me. I wasn't the type of person to be dumbed down our brain washed it made me angry. America is broken and corrupt. America haters, communist socialist, third world illegals and third world legal parasites and criminals. The Muslims, their book of hate their way or behead Americans. Their mosque the Trojan horse. Dictator Obama, Muslim Obama. His hatred for America. Dictator Obama is a wrecking ball. And the RNC, professional politicians, nobody put any energy in exposing dictator Obama, impeaching Obama. But they go all out to destroy Donald Trump. Why? Because Donald Trump wants to turn things back around and they will suffer the consequences. Their greed, their illegal activity. Many will face prison. The third world countries wanting to use America for their parasites, deadbeats, criminals using America as their garbage dump. The third world countries becoming wealthy from the destruction of America. With the method to the madness of sending their trash to America and we pay for for what the third world countries don't want to pay for. Because of this problem our businesses, companies and factories then move to these third world countries.. we end up with their diseases, their problems America didn't have before. Deadly parasite blood sucking criminals in America. Not a conspiracy theory, America is over regulated and over taxed to pay for these scumbags. Therefore we lose what made America great, jobs to the third world countries. Get the picture? They destroy America they become wealthy. And our politicians Democrat and Republicans are becoming wealthy with a millions of dollars in kickbacks from these third world countries. The last four presidents have been a disaster. Yes the Bush too.look it up on google. America disintegrating, imploding, terminal cancer from the third world illegals. The Clinton's in the White House. Dictator Obama in the White House is what created this destruction.. Donald Trump for president.  Thanks to Christiana Johnston

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