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Monday, December 14, 2015

Will Trump stop the Barbarians at the Gate?

In today's world the biggest threat facing this nation is not an attack from some nuclear state---those with nukes know only to well that would lead to their demise. The biggest threat to America is not some vast state sponsored army crossing our borders from the north or south.  No the biggest threat to our motherland is the current president of the United States and a Congress that almost cavalierly minimizes the dangers posed by the millions flooding across what has become the open borders of the Nation!  Of course everyone in fully aware that those on the left side of the aisle are fully in agreement with of the "come one, come all" policies of the Obama Administration.  And sadly this contagious disease has infected many on the right from Bush to Rubio and most others running for the Republican nomination.  It is becoming clearer with each passing day that the one candidate that will work toward stopping the flood of the Third World Hordes is Donald Trump.  It is for this reason and others that this site is supporting the Donald for President.   
By Ron Russell  

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