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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Obama's "Persian Agenda" intended to make Iran the Dominate Power in the Middle East

It's becoming increasingly evident that President Obama has a Persian Agenda.  An agenda designed to make Iran the dominate political and military power in that part of the world.  The reason for this is somewhat of a mystery, but one must not forget that his top White House adviser, Valerie Jarret, has deep ties to the Islamic State.  It should also be noted that one of Hillary Clinton's top aids, Huma Abedin; whose parents were Indian Muslims, has had a strong influence on the former Secretary of State when it came to her position on Middle East Affairs.  Perhaps, this answers the question:  'is Obama a Sunni Muslim or a Shiite'?  Of course some of this is pure speculation, however one must not forget the facts:
1 - Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran
2 - Apparent dislike of the Israeli state and it's President
3 - The total and complete withdrawal of American forces from        Iraq upon taking office
4 - His steadfast refusal to label terrorist as "Islamic"
5 - His lifelong connections to Islam
6 - His Muslim heritage
7 - His documented remark about standing with the Muslims
8 - All of these and more! 
Meme and text by  Ron Russell

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